Foam Board Insulation

If your insulation is aged or damaged due to high moisture you can have mold growth, cold/hot spots in your floors, and lose excess energy through your floors.

Floor Insulation Removed & Replaced with Wall Insulation

By removing the old or damaged insulation and replacing it with Wall Insulation (thermax) the heating and cooling properties in your home are improved dramatically along with reducing your risk of fungi growth.

Advantages of Insulating the Crawlspace Walls Are:

Problems associated with ventilating the crawlspace are avoided.

Piping and duct work are within the conditioned volume of the house so they do not require insulation for energy efficiency or protection against freezing.

Less insulation is required (ex.. Around 400sf for a 1000sf crawlspace with 3-foot walls.

Air sealing between the house and crawlspace is less critical.


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