Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing is when repairs are done to a leaky foundation from the outside of your home by exposing the foundation and applying the necessary waterproofing material to create a foundation waterproofing system that will redirect and disperse water away from your foundation walls.

This is one of the best waterproofing solutions used to fix all leaks and the most common way to do a foundation repair. The waterproofing materials include liquid asphalt based, 12mil vapor barrier, corrugated drainage pipe and gravel.

Reduces the moisture in a crawlspace or basement. (Eliminates sources of musty odors and allergens within your home.)

Eliminates foundation wall deterioration.

Increase your property value (A leaky foundation reduces the home value and realtors usually recommend hiring waterproofers to fix foundation issues, making waterproofing to increase the value of your home.)

Strengthens the foundation of your home. (Water leaks can weaken the structural base of your foundation, leading to future problems like interior cracks and shifting of your floors.)

Lastly and Most Importantly waterproofing gives you peace of mind for structural safety of your home and the security of your belongings.


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